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Micro Documentary

BTS Photography


Documenting the creative process is an important story to be told.

How you create is the story.

Through still photography & micro documentaries we cover your project from beginning to end.

The perspective gained from a career in live music, management, fashion and fine art, allows for a dynamic cross section of the arts & gives way for the unique approach we take to document the creative process.


Creative Direction


If you have an idea we can bring it to life. If you need ideas, we got you covered there as well.

We offer full creative & production services for still and motion shoots.

The Kooks
Me RT.jpg

Christine Solomon


Christine's friends & family believe she's a very talented creative.

They are pretty harsh critics, so this is high praise.

Christine is big in Japan

She is known for her decision making coined "swirl".

Which is when given the choice of 2 great things

both is always the choice. (choc or vanilla ) 🍦

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